Nestled in the heart of Scotts Valley, Gott Computers services ALL of Santa Cruz County. Remote and on-site!


GOTTCOMPUTERS.COM is proficient in offering extensive support and services for Linux operating systems to individual users, small firms, and large organizations. We specialize in a range of services including upgrades, repairs, advanced configuration, and the installation of software, ensuring every Linux-based system operates flawlessly and efficiently. We provide comprehensive managed services aimed at maintaining and optimizing your systems, preventing any disruptions or potential setbacks. Whether you are running RHEL, Debian, or any other Linux distro, our experts can tailor solutions to meet your specific needs and ensure uninterrupted business operations. At GOTTCOMPUTERS.COM, our commitment is to elevate your computing experience by maximizing the operational efficiency and security of your Linux environments, allowing you to concentrate on your primary business objectives with peace of mind. Regardless of the level of support you need, we mold our services to fit your requirements, providing a secure, streamlined, and modern computing environment for your enterprise.